Pay the Reckoning is a group of instrumentalists from Chattanooga, Tennessee who perform the very best authentic traditional Irish dance melodies on the Wooden Flute, Tin Whistle,  the Irish Bouzouki, Guitar, and Bodhrán, and sing rousing Irish folk songs to elicit an experience of revelry and merriment no less convivial than any public house on the Emerald Isle.


For the absolute best Traditional Irish Music for miles around, Pay the Reckoning is available to play for Celtic heritage or roots festivals, county fairs, private parties, Celtic weddings and wedding receptions, formal dinners, Burns Night dinners, Twelfth Night celebrations, and many other types of special events. Whether it's lively jigs and reels, rowdy drinking songs, or haunting, mystical melodies, Pay the Reckoning will bring the lively spirit of traditional Irish dance music to a pub full of patrons or provide a warm and friendly ambiance for your special occasion. If you are seeking plastic shamrocks and leprechauns, kilt rock, knights, unicorns, or suburban American IRA, please see the other guys.


We’re the real deal!

22 Apr 14—Well, here’s a long overdue update on what’s been going on with us. It has been over a year since my last update to the website, so those reading this may have wondered if we’re still around. The answer is yes. We’re still going. We have been the regular anchors of the Chattanooga Irish Session which plays almost every Sunday night from 5 PM to 7 PM. Our regular home for the session, Moccasin Bend Brewing Company in St. Elmo, TN, was shut down for some building code issues and we moved to the café at Enzo’s Market on West Main Street. Enzo’s has been great to us and it is a real treat to play there. . . . Read More

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